ChangeCSC All Samsung Free Tool | Android 8 , 9 , 10

Change CSC Samsung
This Tool is Free Can Change CSC Any Samsung Device
Android 8
Android 9
Android 10
This Tool Work Without Root To ChangeCSC

And Also Have Update
Look For This Video to know how to ChangeCSC Free


  1. Can I change the Galaxy a51(sm-a515f)?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Very good!!!!!!!
    Thank you everything!!!

  4. I have a galaxy A20s. Its CSC is TGY/TGY/TGY which belongs to Hong Kong.
    I want to change it to CSC of Pakistan which is PAK/PAK/PAK.
    please guide me.

  5. Can't download as both Chrome and Edge recognise it as a virus...

  6. Hi dude, your ChangeCSC Samsung Free Tool (via themes method) doesn't work on extreme firmware versions (August security patch). Tested on S10, S20, Note 10.
    When you try to open the Legal Information item, it just opens this item as with a standard theme.
    Most likely they changed the location of this point.
    What to do and will this method work in the future?

  7. not work on galaxy a51 5G(sm-a516n)...
    please update the tool...


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